The situation of some people is so desperate that in the face of an urgent need for money, they turn to all the means at their disposal. As is logical, in the first place they apply for the credit to the banks and savings banks of their city. In those cases in which the bank does not grant loans due to the solvency of the applicant or for different reasons such as being in delinquency filters such as

– RAI, record of unpaid bills in Spain
– Financial Credit Institutions, file of debtors by judicial decision in Spain
– Snicom or Credit Bureau in Latin American countries,

it is when other means are resorted to like asking the money to relatives and friends. And once these possibilities are exhausted, lately it is quite usual to go to the Internet network in search of urgent money among financiers who are dedicated to grant urgent Minipréstamos without payroll or endorsement, of small amount up to 6,000 euros that make a study and rapid analysis and immediate of our data of payroll, income, properties and the possibility of having a guarantee or loans without endorsement.

And if these financiers do not grant the requested loan, as a last resort they look for private lenders or private individuals who lend money, putting in the search engine google phrases of the following style:

  • I’m looking for urgent money without endorsement
  • I need 1,000 urgent and immediate euros for today
  • Telephone of people who lend money urgently, etc.
  • Seeking Urgent Credit without payroll or endorsement
  • I’m looking for credit, with snicom or Loans with a credit bureau in Mexico

How to get urgent credits without payroll or endorsement

How to get urgent credits without payroll or endorsement

As in previous cases, our recommendation, not to look for money among individuals on the internet, we will only find scams and deceptions and even some websites with high-tariff phones (the 806, 807, 906, etc in Spain) that only seek to entertain us on the phone so that our call goes up in amount that gives them high profits.

An alternative is to ask for money in some of the online financial companies that have a page duly legalized with your NIF and business registry data that can be found below in the footer of the web in legal notice. The problem with these companies is that they grant small loans and they are very expensive, so they should resort to them in very extreme cases.

Another way to ask for the urgent money is in some of the websites that promote loans between individuals and that offer their website to intermediate between lenders ( people who lend their money ) and borrowers (Individuals who are looking for money). 

Loans and Loans with immediate payment

Loans and Loans with immediate payment

Is it possible to get a quick loan to pay us the money immediately or instantly? As always, it will depend on the solvency situation of the applicant. If you have a payroll domiciled, the bank can make an advance of your payroll and collect the money instantly or in a few minutes.
Another way to get money instantly is by requesting a quick mini-credit in the online financial institutions that operate on the internet and that in exchange for charging a high interest rate, they will give you 300 euros in just 10 minutes after filling in the data they ask for the application form on their website. Here we detail some of the most active:


If you have a credit card, you can withdraw money from the ATM up to the limit allowed by your bank, so you will have money instantly. If you do not have the card, you can request one at financial companies that grant easy-to-get credit cards and that you do not need to change banks

Urgent Loans without payroll paid instantly

Urgent Loans without payroll paid instantly

Having a payroll is a safe value to get a loan. The banks greatly appreciate the customers who pay the payroll and all receipts for household expenses. If the work is fixed, the facilities to get credit are still higher.

Not useable, you can also borrow not having payroll although in these cases, are concentrated mainly in the financial fast loans that serves any income. For example, the pension, if the payment or administrative aid is exceeded.
If you do not have a payroll, you can justify your income to the bank with a certificate from the paying company or with bank movements where it is shown that each month you enter an amount.

The most common case of requesting loans without a payroll is the self-employed. However, to ask for a loan the self-employed, they have to preside other documents like the VAT statements, the payment of the IRPF, the official accounting of income and expenses.